Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I actually have quite alot of things to get it done now, but I am still put it aside, and I got an urge to blog after reading other ppl blogs.. I like to read others blog...haha...I got a presentation tmr...which I havent practice it yet, sigh ** Christmas is coming !!!! For the Christian, it is the day of the birth of the Jesus the most Holy Day for them ....Advanced Merry X'mas to those who celebrating it....It is the season of great joy but at the same time some people are saddened at this time because they are broke, spending splendidly on presents....haha...I am the one who fall in the "sorrow" category though not spending on present....Btw, Can I get the "Gift" of Christmas that i want ????? Naturally, the more you want it, the more you couldn't get it ...So What is the gift that is hidden deep inside ur heart that you want the most??? I wish you can get the gift u want :)


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