Saturday, August 13, 2005


Kind of relieve after sat for the last paper,English.Let’s give a lusty cheer !!!After that, went to Mp with friends to watch a movie,Bewitched.It’s somewhat a stupid and boring show.Regret of spending money for such a boring show.It has no story line at all and its make me felt like sleeping in the cinema.Hahaha.Linsay Lohan’s posters-HERBIE ( fully loaded) are hanging around everywhere in the cinema.Can’t wait for next Saturday.Yeah, I’m going to watch it next Saturday.Ok, lets back to my journey.After movie, one of my friends suggested that we have a drink at Star Bucks.Oh,star bucks again???I am going to broke again.But guess wat, the place was fully occupied after we went there.It save back all my money.If not this entry will be entitled “Broke” again.After that,lingering at the complex and then went home and have a nice sleep.


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