Friday, July 29, 2005

A Gruelling Week

A Gruelling Week

I have been sick for a past few dayssss.After finished my class on Monday at 4 pm,My whole body felf feverish. “ Oh MY GOD, I can’t get sick now,I still got to study for my econs mid term exam for tomorrow. I can’t, I can’t……”
After took a few minutes nap (actually I dun sleep at all),I need to continue study.
On Tuesday,my class started at 9.00am and finished at 12 noon.My exam was held at 8 o’clock night. It was the very first in my lifetime sat for exam at night.
It was really a terrible day for me.LANGUID.Having fever and a heavy flu at the meantime.I couldn’t stop sneezing throughout the entire day.This is bad n sad.
On Wednesday,My condition worsened . I missed 3 hours lectures.I attended some classes on the afternoon and went home around 8pm.My mum insisted me to go and see doctor.I have to go ,willy-nilly.I don’t like to see doctor coz I hate those “Gruesome” medicine.I came back from the clinic with variety colours of medicine.Blue,Green,Red,Yellow….WHY dun doctor juz substitutes it with colourful “sweet”.Hahaha.. And I was in the pink of health now.Thank God!!!n finally post a new entry in my blog


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