Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong...MAlaysia's doubles badminton player..they both share the same bithday,hehe..but i know it is none of my business...lol....okay, What's Next, of coz is the scary final examination,commence next Saturday..Gd luCk to everyone....What next next...hehe, Eye on Malaysia, it is the largest portable wheel in the world at the shores of Titiwangsa...*(for you information, Other portable viewing wheels are in Dubai( one of my dream country,lol), Australia and Niagara Falls)...I've do some research on it,muahaha...here it goes, " Highlights of the International WaterSky Spectacular include the unique Eye On Malaysia viewing wheel, imaginative images on screens of water, mesmerizing laser beam sequences, awesome pyrotechnics, choreographed water ski performances, breathtaking wave rider stunts and the captivating Malaysia 'Postcards' display." ...So buddies, faster plan,hehe...

Colourful lighting effects of the Arena Vision illuminates the Eye on Malaysia in a spectacular palette of rainbow colours, making the night time ride even more breathtaking. From a calm tempo of watery effects to a psychedelic hues hi tech colour display, the Arena Vision Show runs each night through 2007.

Theatre of The Waters – a visually stunning, living tapestry around Lake Titiwangsa’s shoreline, presenting the people, places and achievements of Malaysia.

The DAnce of Laser


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