Monday, May 24, 2010

inofficially graduated

I'm inofficially graduate from Multimedia University.Gonna begin another new chapter of life. I will surely get nostalgic over those old memories . Me and my friends have shared all sorts of sweet or bitter memories during our university life. I would keep it forever.To all my gang, classmates and badminton club's friends.We shared laughthers, tears and dangers together but somewhere in the middle we've become best friends. We have moved from unknown to buddy and I believe the bonds will last. Those MMU highlights...."Accounting Nite, Phuket Trip, Badminton Club's Trips and events were the most fun part I had before=)

There's still little anxiety and stressful feeling provoked. I'm gonna start working soon though still awaiting for some firms' confirmation. A long path to go somemore. All da best to all my friends and take care=)


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