Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Wesak n mother's Day

Hi all, Happy Wesak & Happy Mothers'Day to everyone.....
Well, yesterday was the Wesak Day,and its such a auspicious day...Me,Ying Kheng, Calvin and Sebas went to the temple to pray, with well-intentioned, we pray for everyone out there, a prayer for all our frens and families,n we donated some money too.....hehe
Tomorrow,Sunday, May 14th, is a grand and splendid day to all mothers all over the world…As a son or daughter we treasured and appreciated every single thing our mothers have done for us…We Love you ,mothers....:-)
Last but not least, my foundation year have come to the end, and its time to say goodbye to all my lovely classmates--->PM13 ians, you are the wonderful classmates ever and all those sweets moments and memories will always be there in my heart…...A strong spirit of fraternity among us...each and everyone are sweets and lovely buddies to me....
On the whole, all da best in ur future undertaking and not forgotten,good luck in ur final exams, strive for the best, take care and study hard....


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