Thursday, August 28, 2008

Had done my Audit Presentation ystrday....a group presentation,4 persons in a group...which the lecturer randomly choose who to present 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th...ceng ceng ceng, I was the 1st one, god blessed...Bottom line, the presentation was okay, juz a little small mistake done by me ...sorry :D

Anyway, had my badminton tournament "Novice Cup 2008" last weekend...It was so miserable, lost all of the games ...haha..proved that I am still so lousy :( .. I won't be improved if I still so stubborn,haha.. I would like to apologized to one of my fren for breaking my promise to meet up with her afta Novice, I fell sick afta the Novice...haha...She's one of my close fren in secondary school, and all after all, the great news is...She's in a relationship now !!!! haha...Congratulations!!!!! I know she juz wanna share wit me all her experiences and happiness or mayb guiding me,lol...Really feel happy for her, she is being so devoted to the guy and eventually they can be together.....jealousnya** ...haha....I wish them happiness and their relationship will grow and mature and last for a lifetime.....

~ We need 2 hands to clap. both sides has to put effort to making it work and not just one side only. so then it can sound well. *winkwink


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