Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm back from the TRIPPPP....nice trip though !!!! on the 27th, bout 2 smth in the morning, we took the bus all the way to Pulau Pangkor, the bus driver drove kinda slow, so we reached there bout 8am..then had our breakfast at one Mamak Restaurant, ....roti canai, nasi lemak,teh tarik n etc. ...after that, we travelled by ferry to the Pulau. This was the 2nd time i been there, the place there has changed, to a better one of course, the water is much more clearer now...and the water activities oso getting more now...we go on the tour once we reached could sensed the tranquility lifestyle of the village there.....I like the speedboat ride, very excited and "kan-chiong" when it goes at high speed, u would had a few sip of salt water at that time too,hahaha....then some of them were playing banana boat after dat...I couldn't play, so watched frm the side, sad :( ya,bout the food, we had rice+ dishes for lunch, 8 dishes all crab and shark fin, but I think it was a fake wan..haha, then at nite, we had BBQ.....the accommodation was super fine there, nice house though...we had some games at nite, chatting and watching tv...:)

On the next day, after had the breakfast, we left pulau pangkor and continue our journey to Ipoh...had our lunch in Ipoh, at one restaurant which claimed to be famous with its roasted duck, but i din feel get its uniqueness also...haha, not so nice actaully,lol...after the lunch, went to tempurung cave," Ipoh Tong"...I think it was my third time there d,haha...but I like the natural coldness inside, very refreshing and it was a majestic place...and after that, go all the way up to Cameron Highlands, the journey there made me felt abit dizzy, turn and turn and trun..... :( and then visited those places there,strawberry farm, honey stalls and nite, we had steamboat and jalan-jalan at Pasar Malam then, and then played cards till 2 smth ....the place we stayed there was sucksss....especially the room we got look like a hospital or coffin...scarrrryyyyyy !!!!!!
The next morning, toured the highland again, went to tea farm and we admired the scenery there ,,,really really nice and oso cactus farm ....then after our lunch, came down from cameron highland to KL, half way of the journey, we stopped at the Waterfall and took some pictures there ...hehe... bout 6 smth, reached KL, SG. Wang.....we went to KIM GARY to had our dinner there and celebrate my papa, Chee Meng's Bday there as well, haha.... ( Happy 22nd Birthday to PAPA ) !!!! hope u like the chocalate banana's cake from secret recipe,and the bday song we sang for u, till the whole restaurnant oso knw we were celebrating ur bday, haha !!! after dinner, I rushed to Vincci and bought a pair of shoes...yeah :) !!!!!!
we back to Malacca then ....hehe...the end of the journey :)


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