Sunday, October 08, 2006

3rd of October

On the 3rd of October (my FAVOURITE day of the YEAR) ..... yeah,it was my B'day,hehe...i posted dis scpeacially to thank all my great greattttt friennddddsss ...They celebrated,wished and gave me pressent....really so cool,i am sure everyone oso like their big day so much,the day before can received so many calls,sms,testi and etc...presents,even yesterday stil received one...haha...Hope present keep comming in lo,lol..hahaha
Hwei Ming,Hwey li, Shu Li,Pei Ying, Pei Ling, Lilian,Sy ying and Adrian Tay...thanz for the bags,custom-made card, earings, Siew Ling,thank you so much for ur lovely shirt,i wil wear for u to c in campus yea, Mei yee,thz for ur mashimaro pillow,i oredi have two...u encourage me to sleep more,hehe..Last but not least,my accounting's buddies, jue yee and xin yun,thx for giving me money,US dollar summor,haha, meau shin,choosed the cake vry nice lo,exactly like i ate before the party,hehe, ying kheng, sherlin,shirley, sebastian,johnson,chien hwee,lucas,siew khim,ah lam, for giving me a surprise,sang song n blew the cake at astaka,n the party as well yea...thx thx..=)u guys the besttt la you knowww i mean,
what are birthdaysss without friends laa.hehe = boring birthdays..
I appreciate it whatever u all had done for me..watever,the pressie oso, it so much!!! hope I have the same thing happened next yr and every yr...hehe

My B'day Cake....yummy

Xin Yun

Chien Hwee
Meau Shin
Kin Yip
Siew Khim

Ying Kheng

Oh...sooo Crazy,c the" ribbon" on my Hair
Thx for u 2..Xin Yun, ann Jue Yee...vry creative pressent


We like basketball,volley ball or watever team like dat....haha

To the left,to the in the middle...hahaa

Bum Eqquipment...pinky purse
I got Teh Tarik as my present...yeah!!!
we Laugh Out Loud
B'day Dinner.......


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