Monday, November 14, 2005

2nd Semester

A new begin!!!All embarked on the new semester,full of wonders,expectations,vigorous and vitality…Today was the first day of uni,2nd sem and started with English Lecture in the morning,and what a coincidence, our English Lecturer was an ex-IJC student.So,in the nutshell,she’s me and sher lin senior!!! Today the class suppose to be end at 6pm evening,but there’s no tutorial at the 1st week, so get to go back earlier…yeappi…Ya,Last but not least, glad to see all PM13~ians back,each n everyone got the never-ending storie to tell after 5 weeks holidays…and The revelry goes on…..

Friday, November 04, 2005


Yo,went out with some old frenz today...its been fun n tired too..we plan to watch "legend of zorro",but sad things was the tickets all sold got no choice,juz forget bout it..haha..then we decided to go to coffee bean for drinks n have some converstation or "gossip" after been long never meet each other we just went there lo.wooo,the drinks there are so so so expensive,n of my fren paid for the drink 1st,n after talk n talk n talk,i forget to pay her, still owing her money...lolz..then after a while,the other fren came join us,this girl really "ama",haha...requested to go starbuck,so as a fren,we juz accompanied her..."from coffee bean to starbuck"..others will think we got so much $$$,actually we'r not,juz accompanied the "late comer"..haha..after lingering around,me and the "late comer"(juz called her this) went to have our dinner at Good Village, we ate till very full...both of us were such a "compulsive eater"!!!
Time passes really really fast,juz a blink of an eye,another wonderful weekend aheading...last week i went to my friend's birthday party at Full Tank Cafe,yummy yummy,the fish & chips with the black pepper source was delicious...wahseh,talk bout food again...hehe..okok,well,the next day i went to the "LEO installation" at Century Mahkota Hotel...hmmm,i juz don't knoe wat's was happening from the beginning till the end,it was freezing cold in the was so wrong for me to went for the installation coz at the first place i'm not a Leo member oso...haha...
Neway,i tink i need to stop here,feeling tired to continue typing.......