Monday, November 30, 2009

End of Internship !!!

The small firm I undergone my training

My place of work

My Audit Supervisor

My Tax Supervisor + overall supervisor

Me senior in the middle ....with the other trainee on the left

I feel tremendously excited because today is the last day of my Practical Training...hehe...I thought it had no farewell for us in the first place, but during lunch time, my supervisor approched me and said we would have our lunch together...haha...I feel abit stunned at that moment, coz i never think of my supervisor will actually treat us so nice...haha...So we went for the lunch at a Chinese Restaurant...he ordered Butter Crab, fish curry, salted chicken, marmite pork, vege for us...haha...quite touched of it. It should be consider a goin away lunch...haha..farewell is alwaz featured on food,lol...Feel touched of it for throwing a farewell party for us..haha....Can't be denied that during the 6 months of training, I actually gained a lot of new knowledges on audting, taxation and accounting practices which cannot be learnt it in the lectures and tutorials. Bye bye to my company and colleagues !!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is an article that I extracted it from a website:

Year 2012 is a very mysterious year. Nobody knows for sure what will happen in year 2012. The Earth has already begun moving into the Age of Aquarius. Each age is about 2150 years. As our planet spins through space, we are now leaving the Piscean Age. But, the year 2012 has been included in many prophecies and is very important spiritually. Here is the latest information and most informative articles and resources on the year 2012:

The Year 2012 by Adrian Cooper Our Ultimate Reality
First and foremost we still do not know if anything at all will happen on December 21 2012, or at any time in 2012, or indeed at all. We will examine that more closely in just a moment.
But quite simply, if, and only if the prophesies are true, then one of three fundamental situations will likely result immediately before, during and after the 2012 event based upon what we know to date:

1. Human beings will undergo a massive Spiritual evolutionary transition whereby true, Divine, Spiritual reality will be realised and experienced. Focus and abilities will no longer be materially based, but rather Spiritually based.
If this comes to pass, humans will still inhabit a physical body, but the body will assume its true identity as a vehicle of learning. Material things will be seen for the illusion they truly are, and the emphasis will be on "service to others before service to self", and the building of the biblical "kingdom of heaven on Earth", a paradise where selfishness, war and disharmony will be a thing of the past.

2. The Planet Earth, a great, living planetary Spirit, will evolve or "graduate" to the 4th density, the next evolutionary level on His/Her own path of return to The Prime Creator. In this case all organic life on Earth will cease to exist, and will also transition to the 4th or 5th density, the Astral or Spiritual worlds, where life will continue as ever in the Astral or Spiritual body, depending on Spiritual progress.

3. Earth will experience some massive cataclysmic physical trauma which will destroy most if not everything on the planet. If this happens the result will be the same as in possibility 2. above but will happen in a different way. It is likely that all life will transition to the 4th or 5th densities, again depending on Spiritual evolution, before this cataclysm strikes, so there will be no suffering.
We are not intended by the Universe to suffer; all suffering is a direct result of the actions and thoughts of humans.

The most important potential outcome is the evolution of present day human beings; Homo Sapiens, to the next level: "Homo Spiritus".

So the big question is; will 2012 actually happen? Do we really only have just over 6 years left on this planet? If so, what do we need to do in those 6 years?

In my opinion, if human being can change to be a better by kicking away selfishness, egoism, dishonesty and those destructive acts. Human learns to get together despite of all differences. Why not a change ???!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just got back my phone 2 days ago after sent it for repair last two weeks. I just use it not more than 1 year, then now already got LCD display replacement and I incurred RM 130 for it. I am quite broke recently because of all sort of miscellaneous expenses spent. Sound painful :( ...But there is one thing that gives me tremendous joy is that "This month is my final month of Training" .haha...Watched the movie "The Law abiding citizen" just now...., nice show....What surprised me was that, there was a girl, friend's friend's gf, was actually my primary schoolmate sitting beside me for about two hours.....which I did not realize. hehe...after the movie only I found out she's my fren...What a small small world....