Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lost in Accounting

I'm totally lost during the accounting class today...My lecturer seemed to be talking alien language to us...In the beginning was still fine ,but when she started with the new chapter,everything was juz jumbled up.Her intension was to make us understand,but i think its such a failure to do so..hehe..wat can we do???,,,Self Study again!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday again

Another Monday again, I still haven't go back yet,coz I got to attend my piano replacement class at 6pm...going back around 5.20pm...
yaya,,can u guys still remember all ur primary classmates ??the possibility to answer yes is quite high...eermmm,,,,how bout recgonise their faces???i think is not easy to remember everyone faces rite coz many people walk in and out in our life,and not everyone left the strong impression in our minds...this things really happened to me,,haha....I just can't recognised one of my primary's classmate...it consumed longger time for me to recognise her..may be she have changed a lot or may be I am having a short terms memory,,,,haha...eventually,i still can figured it out who is it!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Econs Presentation

I’m so anxious bout my economics presentation tomorrow!!! We have to present in front of 80 students…Oh gosh, I tink I will faint!!! 5 person in a group.Our topic is about “ DIGI expects slow down in price campaigns”. 4 out of 5 of my group members are Maxis users,there is only 1 member is Digi user…haha…kind of ridiculous…Neway, all of us will try our best to present it tomorrow!!! Good Luck to all my group members including myself!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


"HERBIE"!!!!Nice show,nice show...can't deny it...RM10 for a charity movie organised by Malacca High School's photography club.not bad not bad...doing charity for the cancer patients...paid RM10 for a movie and did a good deed...Hahaha..okok..stop bragging here!!!lets get started for this new entry now...
Saturday morning,went for a movie called"Herbie" wif all my good old frens( ama-ama sekalian)...Linsay Lohan looks superbly Gorgeous!!! In that show,she received a volkswagon bug from her dad as a graduation's present...to knoe more,,,go to the cinema to watch it,,,Hahaaha
After movie, we went to Kenny Rogers,suggested by hwei ming.I ordered a set meal, honey BBQ chicken...it's so nice..yummy yummmy...the price oso "yummy yummy"..haha..lol...Broke again...
After that, we continue shopping...shop for stationary,shop for clothes...round & round & round so many stalls like Tropicana,Elle,Ruffy,Sammuel n Kevin,esprit,VJ jeans,bumcity and etc. but buy nothing...(this proved that girls love to shop)....after that, all the ama-ama complained tired d,and they wanna rest..and i'm still wanna look for a sweater for my own...aiyo,,,then i asked those ama-ama to rest 1st while i alone kept explored the complex ...eventually i found 1...my frens were wondering y am I still full of energy while others already can said exhausted liao...Haha....proud of myself.."Energetic"....tonite we'll continue to cari makan and jalan-jalan at Jonker Street ...so I need to recharge my "battery" now for tonight outing...buhbye everyone ...

Saturday, August 13, 2005

sitting row(left -->right): yen xie, hwei ming, ME, 3 teachers, pei ying, e- ling, qian lynn
1st row(left-->right): shu li, bee san, kavitha, annusha, hui yen, qiao wei kam yee, hwey li, ainna, hanizah, aqmal
2nd row(left-->right): siew lian, neermala, venessa tye, pei ling, siew ling, fo yun, nur ain, clarice, sze mei, pei ching, vetorya
3rd row(left-->right): chia ern, eunice, mandy, yoke heng, joanne, wei qi, selina
missing: vanessa rohini

Where are u ppl now???
Miss each and everyone so so so much...yea,36 of u but i got only 35 in the picture, 1 missing

This picture was taken during SPM result day~~~

I am sitting at the second row,3rd from the left,the one in black


Kind of relieve after sat for the last paper,English.Let’s give a lusty cheer !!!After that, went to Mp with friends to watch a movie,Bewitched.It’s somewhat a stupid and boring show.Regret of spending money for such a boring show.It has no story line at all and its make me felt like sleeping in the cinema.Hahaha.Linsay Lohan’s posters-HERBIE ( fully loaded) are hanging around everywhere in the cinema.Can’t wait for next Saturday.Yeah, I’m going to watch it next Saturday.Ok, lets back to my journey.After movie, one of my friends suggested that we have a drink at Star Bucks.Oh,star bucks again???I am going to broke again.But guess wat, the place was fully occupied after we went there.It save back all my money.If not this entry will be entitled “Broke” again.After that,lingering at the complex and then went home and have a nice sleep.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Holidays Ended

Nothing special today.
Holidays ended and back to normal routine now.Erm,,,How was my holidays?Interesting and deadly dull….although it’s dull,but I want more holidays…HAHA.
After reading a book by Paulo Coelho and I got this:
“ Every moment of our lives,We all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss which is the deep deep hole that seems to have no bottom”

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I went to mahkota parade this afternoon wif sher lin and lim hwey li( too many hwey li in dis world)haha....then we met siew ling n michelle ooi there...really ngam...haha..n we went to starbucks ....i ordered for a cup of latte( RM12) n a curry puff( RM7.25)....all together RM19.25 wif tax!!!!Oh, damn expensive man....the curry puff was suckss,Sucks...even those sell on the road one are much more delicious....n approximately 35 sen onli ( 7.25 /0.35 = 20.7...) i can buy 20 curry puffs at those stalls man...sigh sigh...and me now currently BROKE!!!!