Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year !!! Today is the 10th Day of Chinese New Year d...phew, time passes so fast....Flashed back to my New Year's Eve...had my Reunion Dinner with my family, i loved n treasured dis moment da most becoz got lotz of good foods,haha...At nite, went Jonker Countdown with my dad,hahaha...dis was the first time day of New Year, went to a few temples, den start all the visiting,2nd day...most of my relatives came to my house, apprently a hectic day,was busy serving+eating...3rd day, gone out for secondary school's frens' hs visiting, it had bout 9 of us, oh gosh, whose house that came to our mind we would visit oso, wit the purpose " Ehem....ur knw la",n i realized most of my frens hs oso got dogs..haiz...I'm still very affraid of,especially Qiao Wei hs, her dog so big size, n keep running here n thr,haha...i got to run here n thr ya...the 4th day, Group visiting with badminton club people...went to a few houses oso.haha, dis time luckily got Hui Ming, she oso scare of eventually got someone accompany me...hehe, den at nite, had steamboat at my aunt's hs, and went to watch " Kung Fu Dunk" at 10pm....yeah, my parents allowed me to watch dat late,hehe :) the 5th day, back to Uni fast my holidays ended....6th day, afta attended the class, we had our club reunion dinner at " Fat Lee"...I like the Cheese Beehoon ( coz the cheese not dat strong)...who wanna treat me again?haha...the total bill cost us RM 444.01...wah wah....den we got fireworks peformance by our ..continuing the 6th, 7 th, 8th, 9th day, nothing significant thing happened, oh ya...Valentine Day, was a very normal day for me,coz I've no Valentine...and thx sIew Ling for ur gift...the 10th day, jz came back from Sherlin's open house...I like her cooking,especially the sambal prawn, Bravo !!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hihi, I juz came back from doing some sponsorship stuffs outside.....tired, and ate lot i should say,haha...the most important thing was we've found get our main sponsor, RM1000...hooray!!!!
ya, i'm currently doing my second trimester in MMU, getting harder n harder d, n muz work really really hard to catch up with my terrible result last sem.....hmmm, Chinese New YEar is juz around the corner, so guys, how's ur preparation? excited? ....but i generally think dat the " feel" or excitment is not as strong as we anticipate it when we are still a little girl or boy....., don't you feel dat as well?? haha...anyway, I hereby wish all my family and friends Happy & properous Chinese New Year and enjoy it to the max ...collect more red packet and enjoy the good food as well.....:) Gong Xi Fa Cai