Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Hi there, today is the 2nd day of chinese new year...For those who celebrating this auspicious festive season sure vry busy visiting relatives and frenz house, eating and collecting "ang Pau"...haahaa....Anyway,JUz wanna wish all of you here Happy Chinese New YEar and Gong Xi Fa CAi !!!!!May the year of dog herald happiness and brighter life to you and your family...Enjoy ur day.....
This doggie wanna wosh everyone here "gong hei gong hei"...hehe

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Hihi,this is my new blog's skin...With the theme," Childhood Memories" ...Oh well, dis is my 3rd attempt to this skin, my 1st attempt was wit the theme " THe Violinist" ,it juz don satisfied me coz the alignment was all to the left,so the page looked small...The second skin was in sparkling purple colour,n the page was as if the page was covered with mist,so it was like misted over n its blur....Eventually i found dis " Childhood Memories"....hmm,,its not vry nice,but dis was juz the temporarily skin i tink,if i not lazy to change again,,but 1 tink wat i like is the music behind,,,,its " CANON IN D" .. so soothing n nice...yaya,bout the chatterbox,i cant put it at the tag box,so it's under the profile ppl,go leave some msg at the chatter box,juz click on the " profile",n the chatter box is there...thank you n have a nice day....hehe