Sunday, June 24, 2007

Huhuhu...7 smth in da morning...1st time blogging so early in da morning...Later 9am having tutorial class...HAiz, suffering a muscle pain now, very pain dat type...coz yesterday took part in a Marathon, called " The Run" organised by SRC and ICS. 5 of us from badminton club supported them and we made it,5.6 km....huhuhu...the feeling was exhausted i could tell....Run up the slope, down the slope, quite horible actually, planned to give up at first, but eventually finished it,hehehe....thn we went to Melaka Baru for our lunch...We ate Chicken Rice Balls...7 ppl consumed 100 balls and 1/2 of chicken...sound scary,and with our past record at "Duyung" ,5 ppl took 2kg squids, lala, otak-otak, nasi lemak...Very big eater we,gonna prepare myself for class now....buhbye

Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Sem

Hihi, Happy Father's Day...Wanna take dis opportunity to wish all fathers happy father's day and enjoy good health,thx for what my dad have done for me all dis while,shy to say dis face to face, jz post it here,,hehe.....Going out to celebrate ltr,,,hehe....
Yeah yeah, tmr i'm a Gamma Student oredi....haha,It's nothing new i think. It's only a typical Semester...Study study and study....of course gonna join some clubs or societies or play some sports as well, if not my life will be deadly dull..Gonna work harder for the new sem coz my last sem was a bleak wan n i'm kind of dazed with it...anyway, gonna work even harder dis new sem ,new start, new begins...hehe...Taking 4 sunjects in the new sem which is Accounting Info System, Financial Accounting and Reporting 2, Corporate Finance and Knowledge Economy....,scary...btw, What a pleasure to meet all my friends tmr!!!! Welcome back ,hehe:)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Gallery 3, Redang Trip......

Having our Breakfast at Kuala Terengganu

Darrel And Dun Siang

Me and Chin Ping

Amanda And Sherilynn

Chee Kin and Jareline

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gallery 2, Redang Trip.....

Kelvin beloved " Jareline cute little sister" haha....

HAha, we got 6 pax...and we knoe guitar

In da Room...

Playing Cards...

Me with Siew Ling :)

The place we stayed

Early in da morning, waiting for the sun to rise