Saturday, December 30, 2006

Johnson's Bday

This is Johnson Yeap's Bday...on the 16th of December...We celebrated it at Mahkota Parade,and had our meal at Steamboat...Hope He had a memorable bday dis year...

Ying Kheng Bday

On the 26th of December, we celebrated Ying Khenh B'day... We gave her a surprise,celebrated it at Fser Lobby,where many ppl passing by,haha...we sang her a bday song n cut the cake there, then afterdat,we headed to Rock & Roll Cafe,located sumwhere near melaka Raya...Its a nice place and the food there quite nice...We had fun dat day n hope Yk will like it...hehe

One Poison feet...

Jue Yee was busy praying...hehe
6 Girlsssss
two discussing, one posing
we have no skill...Failed

Wah,what's so nice in the sky??? Sk Terperanjat??Yk sakit gigi? Calvin pregnant?
What's wrong with LC ???muahahaha

Prize Giving ....hehe
To many numbers^^^^^^
Amigos 4eva

Yk with the Rock and Roll Boss a.k.a Santa Clause...hehe

Sebas in the process of making cake...wakaka need feeding leaf
We RoCk $ RolLlong pants, short pants, long pants, short u realised?

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Some pictures taken at Portugese Settlement....