Saturday, October 29, 2005


Gee,this week is the 3rd week of holidays, and its going to end 2 weeks later.Although its as dull as ditch-water, but I stil love my holidays.I’m lovin it*…Hahaha
Final exam result juz released yesterday,and my result…erm..erm…I tink I’m not goin to announce here.Juz ask me personally..hehe.Congrats to those who managed to get high score n those whose result didn’t come up to ur expectation,do not be too upset about it,juz try harder next time n don ever give up ya…
I juz came back from my piano class,n my teacher told me dat my piano examination is coming,mayb its around end of November or early December…sigh*sigh*sigh*…oh no,I still lack of mental preparation, physical preparation…or whatever it is…How?can everyone out there help me…..The exam I ‘m taking is called Performer Certificate,n frankly i tink I do not have the qualification to be a performer or even sit for the exam as well…coz all sort of comments n complaints can b heard from my teacher each n every of my piano class.My teacher alwaz say “ leechuan,pls use 100% of ur brain to play ur piece”…this can see dat I din use my brain most of the time…hehe
N some advise dat she had given to me was quite true actuali…n this is wat she said
“Coin is an example in whatever we do in our life. To achieve something dat u persued,it is very important to see both side of the coin n is not juz one side only.For examination,the result we get is juz the combination of the two side of the coin:one side is our practices n affords dat we put in n the other side is our performance on dat day.WE have to take care of both side and is ain’t one side only if we really wanna achieve wat we wan.And practice make permanent n not necessary perfect coz if we use the wrong method in our daily practices,the result will not turn out perfect n whatever method we used,whether right or wrong permanently wil surely becum our habit.”
I knoe its kinda long n ur may not b understand wat I’m typing ..hehe,nvm ..
All I gonna do is practice with the correct method now...HAha...practice~practice~n practice~~~

Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Little Reminiscence

Well,3rd of October was such a meaningful day for me…hmmm,,some of u reading dis will juz scrape ur head..wonder wat so meaningful on dat day?haha..actually,it was nothing much,juz my Birthday…oh,,yeah!!!my Birthday…hehe
But it was over,,,sob sob..haha…neway,,wat’s da point am I announcing dis to everyone here..well,I posting dis not with the purpose to tell 3rd of Oct. was my birthday,,I would like to extend my gratitude & appreciation to all my Wonderful frenzzz out there…u guys are the Sweetest n made me so touched on dat day…thanz thanz!!!!Words juz can’t convey how delighted I was…
Hahaah,,,from 12A.M,sms,fon- called kept coming in till the next 12A.M,,,oops,,,there’s still some wishes on the next day,,Happy belated b’day,,,hehe…n not forgotten, 1st time in my entire life received so many testimonial within the day in friendster..this means dat I’m still not forgotten among my frenz…phew,,,”flying high”..
Now,let me juz use dis opportunity to thank all my friend dat wished me..
Ying Kheng( 1st testi) , Sher Lin( ya,we same aged d) ,Yen Xie (wished me 45minutes earlier…coz wannna slept early..haha), Loo Ping ( ya,no more underaged d),Hwei Ming (u ar faster than my bro k…both of u dun fight,u wish me 1st..haha), Hui Min, Alan, Sean, Rachel, Siew Khim,Sy Ying, Calvin (cute picture), Weng Chi, Hong, Karen, Min Chun,Hwey Li (thanz for da necklace), Eling n XinLing (called me all the way frm Taylors’),Joel , Meau Shin, Lilian, Nyek Chiao, Qiao Qian (nice e-card),Sebastian (sori la,no party for u),Siew Ling, Tien Hau, Qiao Wei (blur blur wishes,haha), Yong Siang, Shu Li ( nice msg),Pei Ying, Arivinth ( gently n softly), Meow Luan ( thanz for the cake), Khim, Yit Long, Chin Ping & Chin Hau, Alfred (same b’day as u),Jue Ee ,Yvonne Peck, Jasmin, Shu Yi, Bee San, Ee Lian, Qian Lynn,Adrian ( thanz for da doggie)…
Hmmm…dat’s all for now…Once again, thanz for everyone here..