Monday, December 31, 2007

Helloooo, Dis is the last post for the year 2007...Tmr will be a brand "Noble, Equisite, Wonderful" was a year filled with memories,...bitter-sweet memories,haha...from people, families,friendships,studies, exams, badminton, piano, bdays, accidents and so onnnnnn......yeah!!! I've gone through dis...Hope the bad ones won't come to me anymore,pls ......

The BEST MOMENTS are still yet to come, stil waiting..waiting and waiting....

My New Year Resolutions are to be a better man,hehe...savouring my yr 2008 with no worries, Loved, Peace, Hopes,Good Health, not to forget Wealth as well,haha...Everyones around me will have a glamorous and enchanted year ahead !!!! Happy New Year !!!!!!!
Gonna post some pictures here:

Can You Find ME?????hehe

Performance at Discovery Cafe..

Friday, December 21, 2007

Delightful Christmas is coming,and somewhat anticipating it....anticipating for the "exchange of present " we gonna have on nxt week i tink, or I will surprisingly receive present from my frens,haha,dream too much d,but it would be so awesome to have my dreams come true,lol...hmmmp...We had our Christmas's meal at Portugese Settlement yesterday,we ate seafoods. yeah!! We waited for bout one hour for the foods being served, oh,gosh...u know, its required great patience,uhuh...Portugese Settlement is not so decorative dis year, unlike last year, and the food wasn't so good afterall,sad case :(
Anyway,had my course registration for nxt sem and final is in 2 weeks time, scary....hope dat me and my frens can do well dis sem.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Shirley's Bday...We celebrated it at Bonami Cafe...:)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hi all, long time din update d...coz pretty busy for the mid terms exam and assignments and not to forget meetings as well...well, dis is called "life"..huhu...Had my "Public Sector Accounting" paper on Tuesday, den "Organizational Behavior" on saturday,...all memorizing subject,haiz.....saturday straight after OB paper, went to meet up with Hwei Ming and hwey li...long time no c d ama!!! lol...thx Hwei Ming for the mangoes,like to eat it so much...haha,den at nite went to Jonker, my gosh,so crowded. ...not nice to walk at all....YEsterday nite, ate home-cooked steamboat,yummy yummy, imissed dis for so long d, did it with my sister,haha....had 2 rounds of it, such a big eater....