Monday, September 28, 2009

Recently I am quite free during my working hours.Sometime is just completely nothing to do...."got things to do I will complain, got nothing to do I will complain too"...hehe,dat's me !!!!! although I got nothing to do, but I feel uncomfortable sometime, like I'm over sluggish during working hours, but not my fault, no job assigned *dang*...Every morning I sure got the time to browse through The STAR online (quite update with recent news nowdays,..politics issues oso part of my reading materials now.haha), or checking my mail or even surfing :D ...Last saturday, afta piano class, went to have dinner with amanda, dun siang, yong ching and oliver. caught a movie "The Ugly Truth" then...hehe... I like doctor Collin in the movie, handsome and fit..haha...Eric Winter is his name..COOL...Knowing that a Singapore new show acted by some of the "little nyonya drama's actress" were filming near Jonker, I went to see the spectacle alone after work just now...I saw Sharon Au...the main actress..hehe...she was acting in a tailor shop.she got a sweet smile, pretty gal =)

This is the movie scene....but without the main actress

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today went to a lawyer firm to do client account audit. This is new to me...New things to learn...haha...and dis wk is already the 15th week of my practical training ....26-15=11 weeks to go...hehe...COUNTNG DOWN EVERYDAY !!!!!!
Nice watch, like it,hehe =)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Penny Tai's concert at MMU, CLC Lecture Hall, Last Friday....