Sunday, September 24, 2006

another entry here...a special thanz to Hwei Ming...dis girl curi his bro new Honda Civic n fetch me went to eat Klang Bakuteh at Malim..haha..jeolous u ler...can drive so big car...but so dangerous man, sweat !!! driving skill worst than me,hehe...n cannot talk to this girl wan while she's driving,coz she jz focusing at her front sight only, cant even have a look at the meter,but cool leh.the digital meter....haha....i kept distracting her while she's driving, i kept open here and that of the car...k la,stop critisizing her d...Quite nice the bakut teh,1st time i ate the rice is those kind of rice mix wit some rempah wan,vry difference from those rice i ate before like those yam rice...n the soup marvellous too....haiz...after eating i can feel my whole body very hot liddat,n got two ulcers,vry hitty o....okay,finished story n finished teasing my fren d..hehe

Saturday, September 23, 2006

yeah, the lightning jz stopped,so only got chance for me to turn on my pc...haiz, entire day gone,wat i mean gone is, i did nothing on my study....i'm suppose to be studying now,but ahh so sien the morning went to campus for course registration, then when to dim sum after dat,,,haha,vry cheap dim sum i had it ever,juz RM4 per person...afterdat, went back home....juz bout to have some sleep,my dad called me down to the shop to help him,coz many customers during Malay's Fasting Month (puasa), a peak season terpaksa help out,...later on,had my lunch, then continue helping in the shop today,really many people...afterdat, my friend the twins called me,they wanted to pass me back my past year questions papers,then went out to hs and got it back from them,...bla bla bla...n now,juz back from jonker...i'm study at all today!!!
I have realised dat this world is juz a small small world,we are juz confined in dis small small world,i have been reading people blogs all dis while,for ur informations,i read strangers' blogs too,haha...which i dunno them at my surprised,i saw some of my fren's pic appeared in the others' blog,whom they are in the very different part,geographically so far away (mayb u guys don get wat i mean,coz i oso dunno how to say,hehe)...
I got an extract from one of my friend's blog and here goes... may not realize it..
little little things you do that may be nothing to you..

it can really make another's day..
or make a difference in someone else's life...
so..people...always BE NICE!
u don't know how many people's lives you may be affecting
by just being... YOU!

To be Nice to you yourself
To be Nice to someone u love
and to Be Nice to someone u hate......

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

supremely Happy..eveything over, presentations over, assignments over...left only final exam....have my management presentation dis morning, I'm the presentor,hope i did it well, get better marks, n wont affect other teammates' marks...afterthat,went to jusco to have Mc D as my lunch (Filet O-Fish, my favourite,hehe)...surprisingly saw one of my ex-school mate, valerie, she's studying in mmu too,but cyberjaya campus...hehe...long time din c her d,but got no chance to talk to her,juz waved at her .....This friday nite,i have promised my fren to attend the lantern festival party at Malacca High School, a time to meet all my buddies there..sigh,i cannot go coz i need to attend badminton's club meeting at nite...wat a waste...Badminton Club is going to organize a grand,huge event,which is called Siti Hasmah Cup, only potential players can participate,Malaysia Open, national players will be invited to dis game as well ...we are the running committee,will be very hectic then
...Kind of sleepy now,want to have a nap now,c u.....

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hey, juz did some changes with dis blog. I have changed the box width and height to the larger size...Can u guys c the changes, if not it will be too small to view it...Below are some pictures taken during Siew Khim B'day and other pictures as well...have a look:-)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gees,...quite satisfied with my connection speed now...juz fixed a new ADSL Modem..reached the Speed i wanted...not exactly incredible speed, juz satisfying me...hehe...
This morning went to visit skin speacialist for my rotten right toe,haha...too exaggerate to use the word rotten actually,kind of sad sad thing i heard from the doctor was i need to remove the nail to stop the bacteria exacerbate..all in all,need to pull off again...kind of dissapointed when i heard dat,coz i have spent so much money to c this doctor juz for the purpose not to pull off the nail again...its a vry bad experience i have gone through before dis...haiz...was absolutely hell experience...aiseh!!!!
so many things happened dis whole week....both happy and unhappy moments...but afterall,just let all dis fade away,not enuf time to care for all dis,what i need to do now is concentrate on my exam is approaching us...bout one month time...its tough,not easy...really need to work extra hard....nothing gonna be good if we didn't put in any efford to ppl,study harm doing so,hehe