Monday, April 30, 2007

Chinese Orchestra Concert

MMU Chinise Ochestra was having a concert on the 21st of April ( Saturday)...I was invited to do an accompaniment for just only one piece with a "Er Hu " player. The piece i played was Csardas, is a Traditional Hungarian Dance music, by Vittorio Monti, written for Violin and Piano, quite a nice piece actually, a Melodious piece,variations is tempo, starts out slowly and gradually getting faster and faster..., I will post the "you tube" here if possible :-)That guy i was playing with was also a good Er hu Player, vry expressive in his playing...Below are some pictures taken during dat day:

The Concert

The Choir's Team

Tuo Jian Zhi Ye ...Metarmophosis

Me and the Er Hu Player ( Koi Min )

M3, hehe^-*

Hoho....Badminton Club's Gang.....thx for supporting

Me and Sherrilynn...Percussion Player

Lucas, Kenneth, Chien Hwee and Me

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sherlin's Bday

This was the picture taken during Sherlin's Bday...The description was posted a few entries before...hehe

I like dis pic...C my post,haha

Me with Sherlin



Ying Kheng

Meau Shin


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MMU Master

MMU Master was a badminton open tournament organized by Badminton Club...It was held in SMK Yok Bin secondary school from 6/4/07 - 8/4/07, Below are some pictures taken on dat day...
The High Com

With balloons...

Human Resource and Food Bevarage Division

The Director...NG Yong Ching

Ying Zhong and Ranjit

Yong Ching and Chee Meng

Small Kids vs uncle...haha

Biggest Racket and Shuttlecock

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Bday to Sherlin

First of all, let me wish our " tai kah jie" Tan sher lin Happy 20th Birthday...we went to celebrate for her today, which is one day before her bday...hehe...Watched the show "Sunshine" just now,....poor thing, do not understand from the beginning til the end of the show, jz hope that the show end faster....just knoe a spaceship with a crew, an accident and fatal mistake happened furing their voyage, that's all...haha...Afta the show then shop awhile thn went to "Wok and Pan" to have our dinner.....ordered a speghetti, with herbal saurce, really had the strong herbal taste...but my frens' food looked nice,hehe ....thn afta dat went back home....Tmr is holiday, Melaka Historical Day....enjoy the holiday tmr ya,hehe

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hihi...since a few weeks din update d, phew, here i am...Today after class, 5.30pm...went to Kitsport for badminton till 8pm...Usually me, Ying kheng, calvin, johnson, sebastian, ming long and our tutor will go and play together once in a week.....Though every week play, but stil do not see any improvement in myself,sad :(........
Afterthat, we went to a Malay's REstaurant to have our dinner, Srumptious meal !!! We ordered Thai Tom Yam Soup, Sotong, omelette, Vege and Satay...What a nice dinner,hehe...enjoyed for today.....:)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Pearl Cafe

Dis is last last week outing with Fion, Shiok Hwa, Chin Ping and Chin Hau at Pearl Cafe...just got dis pictures and decided to post it here...So long din meet 2 of them d...Anyway, thank you Fion for the dinner and she's still so sweet...hehe:)

Fion and Me

Shiok Hwa and Me

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hihi...Hectic weekend again..dis Friday, Saturday and Sunday...gonna busy with MMU Master 2007...a Badminton Open Tournament which held in SMK Yok Bin secondary school...Its a Grand event,approximately 200 teams....feel free to drop by and support us...hehe...gonna update