Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Sunday...It is beautiful becoz i did some revision..haha =P
I will cook Macaroni tonite ...erm, not those American recipe, Macoroni with cheese or mushroom paste...but my own Recipe...Chinese Style...haha....with those prawn, squid, spinach, sausage n mushroom...hope it is nice :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another weekend ,just to confine myself at home without going study hopefully, mid term exam is on next friday...having two subjects on the same day, Taxation 2 and Corporate Accounting 1.....haiz...The hardest subjects, scaryyyy...Cram for the tests.....:( ........ WORK HARD !!!!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dis morning after AIS class, went to Mahkota Perade, Sibaraku's Tepanyaki...nice wan, although i got a few ulcers in my mouth, but still can't stop myself from taking those food...haha..."great appetite i have"
I jz back from modern dance class,,,today was thaught by a new teacher, a Malay guy.....OMG...he's tooo "sissy" (sorry for saying that) ...I cant stop laughing when I saw him at the first glance...his attire was ,haha...too tight for him....he was teaching us modern dance and pocho-pocho today....the way he so like a gal...n he was using Malay Song...*fainted*

Saturday, July 12, 2008

yesterday really had fun at MXM my classmate Siew Khim is working thr as gym instructor and incharged for the place, me chin ping and chin hau got some freedom to play around with the gym facilities and equitments...haha...For the dancing class, we learned Latin Dance ystrday, with some modified cha-cha and mambo cha-cha and etc,donno wat's those steps called.....was bout one hour class, quite nice to dance,haha...after the class, we had our Siew Khim to teach us Fitball...uhuhuuuu...a ball to trained our abdomen muscle....really very effective..u could feel the effect is much stornger than u do normal sit up on the floor....suffered muscle pain now :(

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Friday evening, supposedly to attend Dancing class at MXM fitness centre, but the teacher could not make it on that nite, so there was a substitution Yoga class....omg,to my amazement, I was alone learning it, kind of awkward and scary !!!! Luckily the lady coach was friendly to me...I had no idea bout Yoga at first, but have a little understanding about it after learning it...It's actually bout coordination between our breathing and flexibility...and also posture and concentration..haha, I was quite okay with flexibility but don really knw how to movements were kind of slow, quite boring anyway...the funniest part was when the teacher asked me to enlighthen her with some posts which she couldn't do,haha...and she oso said that " you can do most of the posts, so u do not need to attend Yoga class already ...."swt, haha