Friday, December 30, 2005


no class today,so juz feel like post something here,,,,,,yesterday was the last day of the 2nd sem.....can't imagine,2 months have gone so fast....n final are comming really really soon, is on next week,oh gosh!!!!
I need to really get myself start working,lotz of thing got to study,computers 9 chapters,econs 6 chapters,and more distractions plz,...Concentration....
dat's all for now,study hard!!!
all the best ppl====>5 more days to go,,,,

Happy 2006!!!!

Today is the last day of 2005,can't imagine, juz a blink of an eye, a New year begin. Year 2006 arriving......A New year, a New begin and a New chapter of life...woaoooo.....!!!This 'new' year will be a better year,a beautiful year with new opportunities are juz awating us to explore,to achieve and and to enjoy it.....hmmm,,,take a deep breath and walk through ur brand new journey!!!Although the past year may not satisfied u or whatever u persued do not achieve,but hopefully the "new" year will give u the better ones.....Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you here a Happy 2006 and may your 2006 filled with hopes,joys, n hapiness,.. last but not least,be in the best of health and may ur dreams come true....... take care...


Sunday, December 04, 2005

Embittered By Examinations

Well,a very good tittle actually,haha!!!!Sigh,next week is the examinations’ week.Piano exam and mid term exam at a stretch.GOD bless me!!!and not forgotten God bless all my classmates oso.I think everyone has a pessimistic view about exam,its a very stressful thing on earth.Thursday we have computer application’s paper.Friday we have macroeconomics and English paper till 11 pm.All the best to everyone and study hard!