Monday, March 27, 2006

Ms & Mr. Cool or Not So Cool?

u not cool la,look like ghost (lee chuan)
hmm...too cool d...c the ppl behind run away d(joanne)
wow...nice post...ahem,well adjusted my specs d(pik lian)
isn't he looks like "alien"?"chicken little?hehe(calvin)
mr.woodman aka (meau shin ) "dare to talk to me?" come la( ying kheng)
ms roxy with her big black spec....the rocks...da jie...hehe (sherlin)don play play...i'm da best in pm 13 n mlc..(desiree)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Good morning,now is juz 9.30am, n i cant imagine myself oredi blog something early in the morning( jz for the sake of blogging)...hehe...taken my my breakfast,now blogging while listening to cantonese songs...haha.hmm,feel sleepy now,yesterday didn't sleep well,suffering a heavy flu,haiz haiz...almost one box of tissue i'm gonna finished....hoping that today i'll feel better....stil got tones of business statistic & probability's assignment to accomplish,later going to hostel to discuss with frens...mid term exam,oredi finished 3 papers,now 3 more papers to thursday will be sitting for business business stat is like...???!!!! *blink blink*...juz waiting for miracles to take management was such a disappoinment to me,i knoe better could be done,but i couldn't ...screwed up again...sigh...accounting and computer application were juz okay i think...kk,juz put it aside,drama was finished,yeahyeah...hehe...afta all the drastic preparations,i realised dat everyone in the class are good actors n actresses,everyone can act actually...absolutely enjoy watching it,sometimes laugh til like mad when watch people acting in front...hahaha....bravo! i need to start doing my work now after being lazy for dis weekend...c ya people...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hectic days

ohgoodness...dis sem is so hectic,lotz of things to accomplish...My past few days were juz full of drama practices,we got to convert a short storie into a play,assingned the characters in the play,preparing props,setting, sound effect n so on....We are doing Winter Run by Edward D. Hoch...i act as the Sherriff's wife in dat drama...Overall,it has been absolutely great n wonderful,everyone seem to enjoy it...sometimes,we are juz laughing at each other when supposedly interesting i think... hEehe...
dat's all for now,mid term exam is juz around the luck everyone!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Its been long long time for me not to post anything in this blog...reasons are busy,run out of ideas,and Lazy,,hehe...Well well,juz finished the business management's presentation today,happy working with you guys...erm,but it is not the end yet,we stil have successively assignmnets and presentations to work on,not to forget,English Drama, really needs big afford...juz found a suitable word to describe it,Oderous....sigh......sigh.....that's all bout it! This is the final sem.We are required to choose what course to major in in our Beta year.Some of them juz cant make up their mind for bout what to choose in this given short period of time.I hope all my friends will be choosing the right course and suceed in the furture.PM 13,We will be parting soon,may be some of u will leaving to cyberjaya and some will be staying in malacca.May be we will stil in the same campus,but not classmates anymore.....THough we knoe each other juz a year,but we have gone through all the thick and thin together,the feeling is there." Like, Love, Hate, Jealous, Angry,....and whatever....words just cant describe it..Once a friend,always a friend! Just live in amity!Talking about parting,its been a sad sad thing ever,to exaggrate it,it is a tragedy i supposed....but a very common phenomena..Anyway,appreciate the days we left and make those days an enduring sweet memories...
*p/s: To angeline,good luck and take care...