Thursday, November 30, 2006

12.10 am...though vry sleepy,but stil wanna tink my life is meaningless or is jz empty where there's a row of meetings per week....4/5 days out of 7 days per week is just mainly for meeting...gonna drive me crazy woke up so early to practice piano, at bout 7am in the morning...forcing myself to wake up and practice coz oredi one week din touch the piano d...when i oredi prepared myself to the class,n asked from my mum sku fees,she said today juz the 30th of the month only...n i like huh?!!!...means i got no class today....coz today (thursday) falls on the 5th week of the month, every 5th week,i do not have any class blurrrr....woke up so early...haiz....
Tmr last day for SPM i can resume my life back...coz my sister is sitting it,we've little entertainment for the past 3 weeks, i supposed...little tv,little radio, n etc i can resume to my "entertainment wonderland"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

Friday, November 24, 2006

hmm...not so good recently,yesterday kena rashes,make me cant sleep well the entire nite,but fortunately,the thing becum better today,vry itchy,arghhh...hehe,Today went to watch "Casino Royale with ying kheng, shirley,johnson, sebastian, siew khim and chien hwee...came back alone bout 7.00pm whereas the others still linger at Dataran Pahlawan afta Mp,dunno what time they will b bcak,haha...hmm...James Bond 007,not so nice afterall,the show is laggy,bout 2 and the half hours...well,the show is bout james bond careless and reckless and on his mission, bout the poker games, do lots of killing and etc....haha...i like the james blond blue eyes,so beautiful..haha

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hola...Hoy es domingo ( today is Sunday),Que tal? (how ar u? ).. my weekend was aburrida (boring) y divertida(enjoyable)...hehe..practising some Spanish here,coz tmr i am having my spanish coursework,but its not dat easy...I supposed it will be not so good....Anyway,juz try !!! this few days juz buzzed arround to get my tasks and homeworks done,,,finally completed 3 letters for the badminton club,gosh,,,pls dun ask me to do all dis d,kind of tiring for me.. juz got my pc re-format coz my pc was attcaked by virus after my youngest sister downloaded a few online games without scanning...luckily after re-formatted it i could use it back and not as severe as i tink...I been to popular bookstore juz now to look up for some books, n co-incidentally i bump into epin (currently studying in mmu,cyberjaya campus and my ex schoolmate as well)...she bought a chessboard for her co-cu subject and told me abit or more bout her life in cyberjaya...haha,she complained learning chess was a tough job for her...exactly the same like i complain bout my spanish conclusion, nothing is easy in this world!!!! but I'd love to if something is easy in dis world..oh,well,don let dis "spanish thingy" dominate the content.Phew.
Yesterday nite, I had a wedding dinner with my parents at Renaissance Hotel...been thr twice for wedding dinner...I like the environment there,fabulous place but the food there was like..."not so good"...seriously...well,there was a auntie siting beside me who i dunno her as well...She talked to me ...ask me about where i stay n stuffs...she happened staying in Taman Bunga Raya,wch is so near MMU, and she complaint to me bout MMU's students,saying how rude we are and MMU is juz a place for those who jz completed their SPM and obtained a not so good result to enroll wan( which means low qualification)...I wonder how much she knoe bout it...but I juz kept quiet and nodded as if i agreed wit was speechless then and i am not goin to tell her that i'm a student there too!!!!
That's all for all this...till the next time..adios, hasta leugo( c u again)..hehe

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Random Pictures
Mekkkkk and Elephant
My Two Doggies...cute???
My Spanish Lecturer, Prettyand Sexxy...

Jue Yee's Birthday!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best Shots in Genting Trip!!!!!

This is the whole GENTING!!!!
First World Hotel...This is whr we stayed
Genting Indoor
Ah Yat Abalone ....Johnson u stil owe me this
Asian Cafe
On the way to Roller Coster
Chien Hwee Playing Pool
Bye bye...we go sailing

Space Shoot

Calvin "Wilber Pan Shuai"
We ar like in the jail
Room Cleaner

Weirdo...Meau n sebas
Luckiest guys

Sweet Dreamssss

In the Cable Car.....

At Hot Mama..Sg.Wang