Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am living in the examinations, studying ambience now....FINAL EXAMINATION periods...first paper started on 19th and end on 28th... 3 more papers to go now, good luck to me and all my buddies :)
Just finished my STRATEGY paper this morning...the next paper is on this saturday...so have some time to relax myself now, playing some games in Facebook...and also answering some Facebook Quiz...some are really illogical or doesn't make sense at all, yet FUN...haha.. Had little sleep yesterday, feeling abit drowsy now, gonna have a nap soon :P

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HAppy Wesak DAy :) the most important day for all the buddhist. there was the posession a nite before in Melaka...I 've taken some vidoes below ...MMU has a team for this time possession oso, the very first time organized by Buddhist Society..Buddhists are a busy lot during this time of the year, not just getting themselves spiritually prepared but also decorating temples for the special day. EArly in the morning, went to SKE for prayer. In the afternoon, attended the longest post mortem meeting for MMU MASTER 2009 ( 1st time in my life in MMU)...from 2.30pm to 8pm....huhu...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Loaded with presentations :( There was a few presentations to present ocassionally these few weeks.Everything ended today :). Final examinations is on the 19th, omg...SCARY...Well Preparation is the essense to do well , Told by Dr.Uchenna,my strategy lecturer..gonna prepare well for this Sem....haha :) Below are pictures taken during Ivaq Appreciation Dinner at Orchid Hotel

Me and Hui Ming
Ker Sin and Jac

Ying Kheng & Cindy


Andy and Meau Shin
Chai Ping, Jennifer and Me

Selina and Me

Portion of Delta Accounting Student


The Art of Apples :P (Funny)