Monday, May 29, 2006

1st day of holidays, its kinda dull actually, nth special.....feel bored ......i supposed to be at Genting wan these 3 days,but i din go....kind of wasted,its a free trip summor....if not,i tink i will be savouring the cool air thr, having lotz of fun at the theme park or mayb casino...(haha, cant enter oso,stil underage)...but end up blogging at home,kinda sad rite? feeling any regret now?erm....not bout blogging, its popular among the young nowadays,,,,dis afternoon watch the singapore show" I am not stupid 2" ( feel stupid watching dat,nearly fall sleep,hehe), the boy in dat show oso do some blogging, and his parents eventually knoe bout his feelings n thoughts through his blog......but if my parents view my blog,they got nothing.....nothing,jz craps ....btw,i wont let them c all my craps's all for dis craps....enjoy ur holidays....

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hi all,holidays let me juz wish everyone here happy holidays n enjoy ur all ex-ijc up ar during holidays,hehe...
yesterday was fantastic, went out the entire day after the exam...( yeah, exam was officially over ),n alpha year was over too,sadsad....first of all, we went to movie," Poseidon" ....really super cool the show,frm my opinion, i tink its better than titanic...i saw my frens at mp,those ama-ama,haha...then managed to collect debts dat they owed, we went to Green world Cafe for lunch,reccommended by sherlin....nice place n a peaceful place...the food was nice thr,, we went to Sathuys,haha, its been a long time i din go thr d,but stil the same place.....nothing much changes...coz its historical herritage,so under government protection,cant do any changes,hehe...then at nite,went to "SAmpan",at first dunwan join them wan,but end out joinning oso...but the food thr doesn't taste good,haiz...then the rest of them went to Pantai Kundur for a walk,,,but i din join,came back 1st,haiz...they have "A Walk to Remember"...i
Anyway,really enjoy being with u guys ,all were sweet memories to me,i wil alwaz remember u all....take good care of ur self n keep in touch espeacially Rachel & Joanne....Bye

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


yeahyeah, exam ending more paper to go,which is moral...hope i can Pass,,yea PAss...
Friday having farewell,juz cant wait for it....n so many movies are waitting for me,i oso cant wait to watch it ( Da vinci Code, Pseidon, Over the Hedge, X-men n etc......)...yeah yeah..
but come to the main point,what is "Moral " i oso me

really feel vry relax after accounting paper....though today morning felt sick, heavy flu, headache, can felt my body abit hot,but after accounting,all gone...feeling so much better now,juz my toe pain n got pus only...haha,,,but pain..haiz...dunno when only can recover,suffering for dunno how many months d....really God bless me..
Anyway,good luck in the final paper n tk care...

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Cruelty of Exam

yo, I can't wait to put down some words about the "Cruelty of Exam" !!!!
I am taking my little rest now, happy i can hav a few hours of break,but jue yee said "Have a break, Have a Supp???!!!) ...touch wood touch wood,hehe....3 more papers to go....really a tedious week for me to gone through... ...not enuf sleep for the entire week...really gonna to get sick if continuously like dis,Exam is miserable...haiz...wat to do,stil got a week to go,hope i don giv up, and the battle is stil not end yet...haiz
I hope my fren out there will continue to fight this "Battle" wit me,no matters how hard it is, i'm sure each n everyone of u sure can do it wan...,dun let the previous paper hold u back...(wow,i seemed like so much "bullshitting" here,but i myself,haiz....)
Anyway, good luck once again to everyone n take care of urself at the same time...buhbye

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Wesak n mother's Day

Hi all, Happy Wesak & Happy Mothers'Day to everyone.....
Well, yesterday was the Wesak Day,and its such a auspicious day...Me,Ying Kheng, Calvin and Sebas went to the temple to pray, with well-intentioned, we pray for everyone out there, a prayer for all our frens and families,n we donated some money too.....hehe
Tomorrow,Sunday, May 14th, is a grand and splendid day to all mothers all over the world…As a son or daughter we treasured and appreciated every single thing our mothers have done for us…We Love you ,mothers....:-)
Last but not least, my foundation year have come to the end, and its time to say goodbye to all my lovely classmates--->PM13 ians, you are the wonderful classmates ever and all those sweets moments and memories will always be there in my heart…...A strong spirit of fraternity among us...each and everyone are sweets and lovely buddies to me....
On the whole, all da best in ur future undertaking and not forgotten,good luck in ur final exams, strive for the best, take care and study hard....

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Hihi, another weekend ahead,so happy!!! PCA website finally upload d, my page is juz pretty simple,but some of my frens' page are like bravo....they are jz like potential web designer!!!I really enjoyed viewing some of my frens website dis morning...hehe:-)..Bout last tuesday,we had our short stories presentations,n the whole class were in formal,everyone looked good....handsome n pretty...hehe....below is some pictures taken after the presentation,enjoy......
My Beloved Classmates

Frenz Forever......
Sebastian & Arivinth
Joanne & Meau Shin
We muz be serious cause we are super Rookie...( sebas, ying kheng & calvin )
We are Mrs. Sheriff...poser* (Kin Yip & me)
" unemployment"??...hmm...exactly!!!
Hong & Sher Lin
"Perfect Match"....hehe ( Khim & Jue Yee )
Rachel & Joanne ( this two gals are leaving...sobsob)
WE are Brothers ( Shah, Yusof, Siew Khim, Adi & Sebas )
"Perfect angle"..cheers

We are "Nian Qing Ren" (youngster)

Putting these 2 "gay " brothers in jail....hehe

Ying Kheng & Joanne

yeah yeah, tomorrow we are going to have our appreaciation dinner ( Hippie Happie Choc business sucess) n hope we can have a wonderful nite tomorrow....hehe