Friday, January 29, 2010

I start to miss Jogoya d ....Anyway, thanks to Ivaq, Accounting Club for having the appreciation dinner there =)

Part of the classmates--Epsilon Accounting Group ^^

Andy Poh and Meau Shin

Ai Jen, Selina, Waileng

Friday, January 08, 2010

Apparently, this week is the final week of my holiday.. new semester will starts pretty soon which is on the 18th...What I did during my holiday is just lazying around, busy working during weekends, been meeting some secondary friends during this holiday and also reading some books and also playing badminton..hehe.
This was given by one of my secondary's fren...can you guess what it is?

Its actually cotton candy that brought from Taiwan

Today on the 11th, I attended a Seventh Grade music theory seminar at Straights Meridian Hotel...The senimar was held for teacher and it makes me feel quite out of place and ackward there...though an informative and useful seminar but with all my Ex and current teacher there.Because previously they were my teacher and now I have to sit in the same room with them....and I am all alone :(

The Speaker: Mr. Bill Thomson..very talented !!!