Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pictures taken during Xin Yun's Bday's celebration ....
Birthday's Cake

Darkest pic...No Electricity, haha,jkjk ...Dat's me

Ying Kheng



Meau Shin



Chien Hwee


Jue Yee

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yeah, Eventually back to my normal life, finished all the paperssss enjoying my new starting Holiday, Hope its gonna have lotz of fun,hehe...finally got time to watch all my Hong Kong Series...waited for a long period d,,,,yea, straight afta exam, as usual, went out to relax with the whole bunch of my frens...watched "NExt" ..wah, nice movie, got a vry unique ending...surprise,haha,A story bout a guy that can predict and forseen his furture and can help to save the world...thn afta dat, plan to go Klebang to celebrate Xinyun's bday, but ended up did dat at Pearl.....But I hope she liked it...haha... HAPPY Advanced Bday to XinYun...hehe:) Happy Holidays all....
Till the End's Lyrics

All these precious moments, With you by my side
Must be a gift from heaven, That´s holding me all night
I don´t know how I found you, I´m thankful that I have
Now that I have a love so true, To hold, to keep, to share
*In my heart I can no longer hold inside
All of the love I used to hide
I´ll always be with you until the very end
In this world there is no place I´d rather be

You are my life, my soul, my girl
And through it all I know
That you´re come to see that you´re the one till the end
All my friends around me, Say you´d be gone too soon
Baby I´m gonna make them see
We´ve found our way back home

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Haiz....This whole week really vry hard to pass my days and passed so badly, coz having my Final Examination, ...Each and Every Subjects oso did so badly, made many mistake( my teacher said no matter the mastake was made accidentally or purposely or has the intention to do it, but IT's stil a Mistake, Unchangeble....a mistake is still a mistake) REally feel myself like a Moron...Today just finished one paper, Financial Accounting and Reporting...sucksss to the Max. and lost my lecture's notes too, erm, really not my day today...Still left one more paper to go, Macroeconomics, "pls give us some strength to continue"...hopeless, study d still the same, so jump to conclusion-----> Stupid...DAt's all

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hello, Dis few days really really no no no good,Extremely Bad.... study week, the week i hate the most, feel so so so stress....The exam schedule is not well arranged at all, one whole week continously having exam non-stop, read and read and read, the pages seem infinity to me, wont finished reading wan no matter how...arghhh...phew, let me flashed back 1/5/07, went for the Wesak Procession with my frens, Nyek Chiao, Siew Ling, Bee San, Ee Lian and Hwei Ming....firt time went for the prosession...the temple at Gajah Berang thr was so crouwded, and trafic was terribly jammed...The six of us walked so fast, like boarding for train like dat, haha, from the last wan walked till over the first team, donno why so fast the walking pace,haha...bout one and the half to two hour's walk...I could feel the pain at dat nite i sleep...huhu

Me, Nyek Chiao, Ee Lian, Bee San, Hwei Ming

Wednesday, May 02, 2007