Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is the entry about Jue Yee and Big Bro Ming Long's Bday celebration....we had the dinner at Alai Seafood, vry sumptious dinner with the bill RM 200+++, i stil miss the taste thr...the food thr is nice though full of "miowwww",hahaha...Hope to savour it again...afterhat, we headed to Friends Cafe, sing song, cut cake, took picture, gifts giving, and bla bla bla...Hope Ming Long and Jue Yee enjoy dat night and love the presents too...hehe :)
After the meal

Wow...Ming Long knows how to smile d...hehe. ><

The Present

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well, I'm far more busy during 2nd sem,hehe...did a DISGRACE thing again yesterday,haiz...i'm alwaz so so so blur..yesterday morning, supposedly was to attend Organization Behavior, the 1st lecture...before went in the class, i took a quick glance on my timetable,CLCR 0004, as usual rushed to the class,coz alwaz being late, afta enter the class, i was busy looking around for my fren, coz the lecturer switch off the light, only with those dimmed lights, saw one or two looks like my fren, den i sat at the corner table alone...listening to wat the lecturer said, what contract act, wat judicial law, n etc...smth like all bout law, den i started to get bored and stil kept looking for my frens,but still can't find...den i started to suspect whether was I in da correct class? den took out my timetable again...oh gosh, BOB is at CLCR 0002..OMG, went in to the wrong first think of staying in dat class till break time, coz it was so embarrassed juz go off liddat, but i really can't stand the boring-ness, went out straight( Luckily no light, ppl not easily to recognized my face)....Haiz...I alwaz do dis kind of thing

Monday, November 05, 2007

Today is the 1st day of my 2nd semester...short sem but vry busy sem.Taking 3 subjects, which is Public Accounting, Marketing and Oganization Behaviour....Hope can do well in dis brand new sem.hehe...Holidays were over !!! Didn't enjoy at all...Working as the promoter during holidays,selling guy shoes, Camel Active, Alain Delon, Larrie and Crocodile...Gained some experince oso not bad la,if better dat can get higher pay,haha...Work for 3 weeks and 3 days,lol...When da last day of work, my permanent bought me a piece of secret recipe cake, coz she said my performance not bad, touched dat she appreciate my effort, i tot she won't ...haha...But till now, Haven't get my salary yet :(

Thursday, November 01, 2007

2nd round bday celebration with my coursemates...Since my bday falls during exam week, so after the Finance paper, straight went to AMigo and celebrate it, den after dat went to Wings Cafe...Really had fun thr, we played card's games..haha..Anyway, thank you so much for the present and thanks Johnson for the meal, ( c, i mentioned it,haha )...

My Meal

My Birthday Present---- The " Sweater "

Tend to act Cute,haha

My Bday Cake

A snap shot with the cake

Make lotz of wishes...haha



Xin Yun


Ming LongSebastian
Ying Kheng


Jue Yee
Sheue Li

Siew Khim

Meau Shin

Hmmm say NO to it.....haha