Saturday, March 31, 2007

Grey Sunday

It is Sunday morning, Woke up quite early dis morning to go to the graveyard at Jeluotng to pay my respect to my Grandpa... could see many people thr, and the traffic was not that smooth too...When we almost reached thr, it started to rain,thn gradually become heavy...What a "Grey" Sunday,When reached thr, could managed to clean up the tomb only,mayb will go again in the afternoon...Afterdat, swtiched the plan to the temple to pray my Grandma, and now,back to home sweet home d,hehe, and feel vry sleepy now,gonna continue sleeping, nitezzzzzz,oh yea, before forget, I would like to wish everyone out thr Happy April Fool...don get trick by ppl yea,hehehe

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

muaahhhah...I was so excited bout today ...bought a new racket,Fleet brand, jz a normal type will do, don nid so expensive wan, coz i'm lousy,haha...I have been racket-less since donno when,gonna play badminton everyweek, ya, the critique essay assignment has postponed,I've been working on it since last week i tink, everytime when i was looking at it, no inspiration came to my mind, donno wat to write, and no motivation to do it...haha...n yeah yeah, tmr no piano class, so tmr don nid to wake up early in the morning bash on the piano...haha....Finance assignment due next 2 weeks, but have yet to come out any solutions to the question,haiz...Just did my Financial Accounting's mid term dis morning, it was...donno how to say, hard not hard, easy not easy, jz scribbled some digits, figures, numbers thr will do.....
To one of my fren, when u feel the world is crushing down, we'll stil be there for u and sadness is just a matter of time,....cheer~*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cyberjaya trip

ohoh...i've not been studying since donno so many "decades" d and Honestly donno what's going on during class...especially the Financial Accounting....hard to the maxxxxxx!!!!!! hmmm...I will post some pictures taken during the trip to cyberjaya campus,hehe..Me, Siew ling, Jana, Alan Dexter represented Badminton Club to attend the MMU 10th year anniversary...5 busses departed from malacca early in the morning bout 7am.....we took the last bus, it was like "oh no so pathetic"...we supposedly to reach bout 8.30am...thn the driver got lost in Putrajaya...he was like wasted bout 45mins went round and round, like bringing us for a bus ride... sightseeing in the bus,lol...thn he kept called other drivers asked bout the way to cyberjaya, but stil cant find...then asked us" siapa tau jalan? "...OMG....sad rite,nvm, most of the ppl in the bus was like busy asking their frens the way to cyberjaya, and some of them help him to read the sign board...n it's raining dat time, and i was eargerly looking for toilet...haiz...suffering...haha
and at last, we finally reached there, and missed the speach by our MMU's President, Prof Gauth....the Hall is Freezing cold inside, i can c I myself shivering once stepped in...n summor raining outside...luckily,inured wit it afta dat...speech by speech...thn after dat have a short break, and then continue 5 talks again...speaker from other University, korean, singapore and Japan...vry boring & siew ling sitting at the VIP seats, we were forced to, to fill up the front seat,lol.....afta the talks, we were allowed to go back d,haha...thn we was busy taking pic afta dat...yeah, meat my old fren Valarie Tan there....hehe
Main Hall
Posing in the library...haha
Valerie was beside me

car park.....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Today i went to Intervasity Accounting Quiz 2007 at MITC ballroom...We are forced to go by our lecturer,coz once we go, we are rewarded 5 marks for our Financial and Management Accounting's marks...Before going for the quiz, we went for dim sum as breakfast 1st, thn only went for the quiz,hehe....we arrived about 10am, thn listened to all the talk by ACCA, CPA, and MIA.....we just listened for the ACCA and CPA's talk only, before the MIA's talk begin and the practical quiz started, we oredi Champion goes to University Malaya, then follow by Multimedia University, then Sunway College University and Tarc.....Dat's the result my fren told me...haha.....nxt week start my mid term d, better study hard, if not can fail wan,scary...vry vry hard,haiz.......

Monday, March 05, 2007

Haha, just make an entry to update dis blog.....just came back from campus and there's earthquake happened in Indonesia,my friend said the magnitude was 6.6 and can felt the movement in one of the building in Campus, and all the class was canceled and the lecturer are chasing us back....yeah, the replacement class tonite is canceled too.....
I feeling Weak dis few days, donno why, languish, can feel the tiredness and laziness of my body....Last weekend, busy with Chancellor Siti Hasmah Challenge Cup, held in Mini Stadium Bistari near MITC there....this event lasted for 3 days, went out frm early morning and went back home late at nite, I did nothing much during the 3 days, coz my job oredi done before hand and afterthat my job is to do the report,follow up the certificate and sap points to all the committees ....thx to all my friends who help out in this event too, ur effort will highly be appreaciated.....The Champion goes to University Malaya, 1st Runner up goes to MMU, 2nd runner up: UPM, 3rd runner up: UTM....below i wil post some pictures taken dat day...hehe
and after the event, we had our Chap Goh Mei Dinner at one of the mlc raya Chinese REstaurant, donno wat's the name d ,hehe...Finally Yk got the chance to eat her yee sang...we 9 person had our chinese new yr reunion, it was so fun and enjoyable....We paid bout RM170 bill...not so bad la...haha...afterdat, we were heading to Jonker to watch 101 lion dance, but arrived too late d, performance oso finished d...haha...

MMU Team

Friends Forever.....

Me and Jesie

Jue Yee and twins