Sunday, August 26, 2007

Badminton World Championship at Stadium Bkt Jalil....

Ai zek, the bus drive...hahaha

I shouldn't sit behind DUN SIANG...haha

Players from China

Khoo Kien Kiat's autograph session

Lin Dan ( World's No 1 )

Indonesia's Double

Lee Yong-Dae

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pics taken during Chee Kin's Bday's celebration at Pizza Hutz, sumwhr near my place,hehe...n cut the cake at Full Tank Cafe, Mlc Raya....

MALACCA: SMK Infant Jesus Convent's (IJC) Past Pupils Association is appealing for funds from the public and former students for restoration work and repairs to its buildings.
The school’s administration block, which is over 30 years old and consists of an office, staff room, printing room, storeroom, workshop, canteen and toilet, are in bad shape due to roof leaks and termite attacks.

Sad state: The school needs some RM1mil for renovation and rebuilding works.The school’s Senior Assistant, Chan Keat Yee, pointed out that the building had worn out over the years.
“During the recent downpour, some of the teaching aids and supplements were damaged. A piece of ceiling board at the canteen broke and collapsed and nearly injured a student who was walking pass,” she said.
Renovation and rebuilding work have been planned but the implementation would cost the school some RM1mil.
The school’s Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) chairman, Datuk Kesavan P. Krishnan, said some of the school’s building structures were old and needed to be replaced.
“For the initial phase of the rebuilding project, we intend to construct a three-storey building to house classrooms, a staff room, toilets and a decent canteen,” he said during the launching of the fund-raising campaign.
IJC was established at its present site by Rev Mother Martha in 1952 with 16 classrooms, a hall and toilets.
Aimed at providing education for young girls, the school was initiated by Rev Mother Mathilde Raclot with four Catholic Sisters from France in 1859 in a Chinese grocery shop in Malacca.
The school now has a staff of over 80 and 1,200 students.
In line with the rebuilding fund project, a 148th Anniversary and Grand IJC Reunion Dinner will be held at the Malacca International Trade Centre (MITC) in Ayer Keroh on Oct 20.
Members of the public and past pupils of the school are urged to lend their support to this worthy cause. For further details, contact the school at 06-282 3211 or the PPA president, Jayamalar Chelladurai at 06-292 2884 or e-mail

Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's drizzling outside and quite windy, pretty nice weather...just back from badminton usual, every Sunday a few of us will have badminton game at Yok Bin Secondary School...Now feeling a little bit tired but not totally worn out...,should take some tonic drinks then,,hehe....Thought today game was canceled, coz lack of ppl...some of them attented the Convocation at Cyberjaya Campus...but out of sudden,Its "ON" back...stil not bad, could say a good turn out oso, 6 of us...and i met a new girl's fren...haha...
Oh well, tmr no more holidays for me d....go back to Study again...arghhh, din do much of study during holidays, failed to make use of the holidays...gone....but nth deprive my holiday,stil okay with it...hehe
Now got a random thought wanna continue my hk drama and hav a nap wan..

Saturday, August 04, 2007

May my Grandpa rest in peace....he passed away yesterday with the age of 90...sad sad...:(..but dis is life....Birth, old, sick and die...birth is the beginning of the journey and die is the end of journey...everyone got to go through dis,..Dat time visit him in da hospital when he was so sick, my tears almost dropped, see he was so skinny and suffered from bad gaspiration, and those patients thr,oso seemed so pity,haiz,...anyway, just hope he rest in peace....
Yesterday just went to Cyberjaya for the Convofest,intervasity games....Badminton,Malacca Campus won...congratulations!!!! hehe...and i had a suckiest dinner ever yesterday...:(