Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Birthday celebration with Badminton Club...3 of us who celebrated it together...Yong Ching on the 2nd of Oct, Mine 3rd of Oct and Hoe Hwang 5th of October...Held it at Aian Harvana Cafe and Tea House,Thank you for the present, and thanks oso to Amanda, for personal present, so lovely, haha and chin ping chin hau for the hand-made cards....thx alot !!!!

Free Ice Cream

3 bday's Cakes
my Birthday CAke..Had dis cake for the 2 consequtives years,lol

The Bill...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Last week, 7 of us went to Eye On M'sia at Titiwangsa and a few shoping complexes in Kl...Though just a two days one night trip, but we had lots of fun !!! Hehe...We met Rachel thr, afta 2 yrs she had gone to cyber, she still so pretty,haha...1st day morning, went to Times Square, thn followed by Sg.WAng, then had our lunch at Gasoline...bout in the evening, went to Green Box KTV Lounge sing for 3 hours (*p/s...Sigh dat we can't sing finished our " First Love", only we understand, haha ), then rushed for Eye on M;sia ..It was blemished by the rain, the sounds and lights technology are fabulous, but it was spoilt by the rain..afta dat, gone up to the portable wheel, RM 100 per gondola, with air-conditioned....we could still taking picture inside when it was 60 metres away from the ground though we were in a funk,haha..Afta dat, went for movie " Lust, Caution..Ang Lee's new film..Nice movie, it..then the next day headed to Mid Valley Shop, den dat's all for the trip...Hopefully we could go again next time... :)

Hotlink Supporter

Me and Rachel.....

Green Box Karaoke

Eye On M'sia

The Ticket...RM100

Inside the Gondola..scary
Giving came out,hahaha


Yeah !!! We bullied Meau,hehe