Thursday, July 26, 2007

Helloooo....just came back from meeting, combined camp's meeting...Badminton club, Ping Pong club and Flex club.I'm just a subcom for this camp,under Programme flow,hehe...hope it wouldn't so heavy ,lol...4 out of 5 days busy with MEETINGS.....before that was just badminton club, now add on to accounting club....huhuhuh...HECTIC....4 out of 5 days was schelduled with week having midterm exams, monday Accounting Information System and Kwoledge Economy, Wednesday Financial Accounting and Thursday Corporate Finance...then afterdat..midterm break...not really prepare to has a study marathon starting from tmr...and My academic advisor Mr. Sim Kian Dey, assessed me said that score more than 3.67 , not an easy job for me...:(...pray hard for myself, if not next sem I got no face to see him d,haha...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Nice saturday...haha,see 2 baby rabbits cute,a black and a white wan called "Darling" and white wan called" Baby"...owned by Badminton Club,muahah, keep in my "papa" chee meng's hs now ( i mentioned ur name, pa)...haha...i havent see the rabbits yet, but i could see it's cute, so furry, and dis make me'm afraid of it...kekeke: )

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seoul Garden

Tuesday morning, as usual, went to 8am class today till 12 noon...den afta dat had a brief assignment's discussion, den afta dat went to Seoul Garden to have lunch with classmates...This was my first time eating thr,korean-styled steamboat and BBQ, wide variety of foods for us to choose, I like the seasoned-meat thr,especially the marinade fish..hehe...ya,and also the ice i made myself,hehe...put lotz of peaches,coctails stuffs...nice:)..but the steamboat was just okay only, nice, but not so nice,???...haha, tried on baby abalone soup , hearbal and kimchi soup...den afta 2 hours,stopped everything d, and RM 21 gone...huhu, BROKE....Den 5pm,went for Badminton's little ppl went today...sad case...During the training, burnt all da foods i've eaten jz now...n burnt my money

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pictures taken during Meau Shin's Bday at Birt and Klebang's REsort:....

Friday, July 06, 2007

On Fire....this is what this has all come down to... blogging at cousin's pc... no internet connection at home eventhough I've got the phone line, got the modem... but NO CONNECTION...Nonno... wat's wrong wit my connection at home, can't online at all,irritated...Purposely come to my cousin's house to accomplish my Knowledge Economy's assignment...due date is on next week,but i've no idea where to start...but still need to start...
This week went by quite fast, but i was busy each and everyday,lol...Why everyday is so busy, smth dat need to be ponder on,hehe...
Haven't watch Transformer yet,only could hear ppl said its nice,a movie dat worth to watch,lol,have a peculiar urge to watch it...awesome, a newly open Cinema, MBO is just a few miles from Campus,gonna find some buddies to watch it when there's a long break...Watched Ghost Tunnel and Surf's Up last week, not bad the movie and the cinema there... :) -----> my judgement,haha
Gee, goin back home now..Today is a vry special day, 07/07/07....Have a nice day!!!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Last last week, went out with Hwei Ming, Hui ji, Hui Yen...haha, all Hui...I'm forced by Hwei ming to treat her meal as farewell,haha,(jkjk)...We went to Sibaraku for our lunch,I ordered a set meal called " Saba" i tink, can't really rembered d ...but nice, got fish, vege, sushi, chickens, dessert, (mine was peanut roll ,smth like po-piah,haha)...Below is the pic taken during the meal time:)

Me wit Yen

Hwei Ming, Hui Ji, and Hui Yen



Me with my frens' fren,hhaha, cant remember her name d,sorry