Thursday, April 27, 2006


I'm so so tired....
Our business management project was eventually over...thanz jue yee, U ar our Great Leader,thanz for everything u hav done for us.....bout how much profit?? stil dunno yet,hopefully it will be better than what we expected. Its been great working with all my teammates, maybe next time we cant be teammates anymore, ...but i did appreaciate the moments we worked together,n we guys must really enjoy during our Appreaciation Party yea...hehe,although my previous "sumptious"meal was juz seemed like a "broken dream" to .
Anyway, though business project was over,...what's cumming up next are submission of report, MUET exam on dis saturday, short story presentation, Academic Writting, PCA website, Stastistic's assignmentents, n Final Exam is juz around the corner...i'm langour bout it....MUET exam makes me headanche the most,coz its on this saturday,n i like unprepared,though that i like english,but my result sucks, i lack of reading all dis while...To score well in dis subject,ones must really read alots...btw,I wish my frens luck for dis exam.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Some Pictures

Hello, How are u guys lately?i hereby juz wanna update my blog with some pictures stolen from sherlin's blog.....Those pictures we took during 15th of April which was sherlin's birthday,(Dah Jie's b'day),no offence yea, hehe

Nice Birthday cake-tiramisu

Tomato? Chili? get a snap shoot 1st before eating

me and dah jie (b'day gal)
my kiwi smoothies ...can c calvin busy eating at the back hmmmm, delicious....,finished his"pink lady" d

smile 1st....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Nice Outing

yo, exhausted, today n tomorrow got the badminton tournament, MMU Malacca Closed Tag Team Championship,i'm the director...but is such a failure for me,everything failed !!!! Huhu...yesterday 14 ppl went for steamboat,its really fun and many people went there,i mean a whole bunch of us,1st time man...the steamboat is nice...n after the steamboat,we went to jonker n then went bak home....reached home almost 1 pm....arghhh,my parents scolded me...but nvmla, i used to it d...but dat nite,i hardly sleep,dunno why???..mayb too excited hanging out wit all my frens or mayb being scolded... then the next day,means today woke up at 6 smth coz got tournament...really wanna take my life man...but dis evening,i got a nice nap,actually i can have the longer nap wan,but my sister called me to fetch her back frm mp,my hp rang at the 1st time,i thought it was my fon alarm clock,then i off it,n sleep bak...haha...after awhile,rang again,then only i realised it was a phone called,not alarm,i tink i'm putting on weight man,today during the lunch break(tournament) ,we went to eat "bak kut teh"...yesterday steamboat,today bak kut teh,tmr dunno wat ,haha...super broke money d....sobsob...feeling sleepy now,k la, wanna zzz d, gd nite everyone n sweet dreams....
*yawn...yawn...* quite sleepy now,hehe...anything to make me awake??....mayb blogging, haiz....bored,actually plan to study moral wan, “an incredibly boring subject” ,but its kind of putting me to bed straight away...later only read la,later....later...frankly,i dunno anything about moral,absolutely dunno...none of the question i can do from the past year we just talked bout food at the back,phew...interesting topic huh! haha...yummy food (feel like savouring those food now,haha)...see see...really IMMORAL time for me to take my medicine now, dat day went to see doctor for my injured toe, i got to finished 50 pills ..i've counted it,one day 8 pills...really drive me crazy.....make me puke after seeing those pills...yuckssssss....after eating those yucky pills,i tink it can give me some courage and some spirit to study moral...i really hope i can bring myself to study...n to catch up in my study....cause my result sucksss...alrite, get to go now...Bahbye